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guests -


Robert Bojarski |

Your music inspires so much. Listening to your stuff makes me someone special. All your staff is just outstandind and have incredible flow. If I go to the space by ship someday, your CD's will be played during first few years of my journey.

Guys, please come to Poland !!!


Thomas Lapperre |

Love your music! Would be great to see you guys live perform. Sofia would be very happy to host you I am sure!


Matt |

You guys have a killer sound! It's everything at once; mellow, trippy, and rocks. I'm glad I stumbled across you through a playlist. You should come to Santa Cruz, California sometime. It's a great place and people appreciate good music here.


Roland Wittich |

Am 4. August 2017 in Olten/Schweiz erlebt. Danke dafür, war der Hammer!


Rick |


I recently discovered your music quite by accident and I'm so glad that I did! I cannot be in a bad, stressed, or negative mood when I listen to your music... Thank you! I hope you can make to the U.S. for a tour soon.



Marcus |

I have seen you in Cologne this year, first time.
Great, really great music, absolut fantastic.
Being in the 5th dimension - only by your music.
I love you for this transcendent experience.
We will see us again.


Djez |

Please, come again to Russia. We miss you.


Tamara |

Yeahh ich habe euch auch durch Zufall entdeckt und bin seit dem voll drinn macht weiter so und hoffe euch bald mal in Münster zu sehen .


Brandon |

I just discovered your music today. I'm blown away. Love it! If you ever tour the US, I'm there.


David |

I am so anxious to see you guys next week in Darmstadt. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to see you all live. Hope we get a chance to meet and have a beer. Have fun and see you Friday.