Michael Nirdosh |

war gerade in eurem Shop undstelle fest, IMMER NOCH KEINE AUFKLEBER :-(
Jungs, was ist los? ;-)
Viele liebe Grüße


Kent Aberle |

Greetings from Atlanta, GA, USA. Found your music on youtube and love it. Hope to see you live in the states sometime soon. Have a blessed 2016.


plainnaan |

Hallo MSK
Ich hätte so gerne ein t-shirt mit dem SOMA design...



Partha |

Hi guys, love your music.
The hindi translation of the bands name is a bit off though.
A better translation is मेरे सोए कर्म । (Mere soye karm.) Hope you change it :)


Reply by msk

Hey Partha, yes we already did it.. ;O)
thank you so much for the right translation!

Kris |

Was great seeing you guys live and talking to Matte after the gig at Leeuwarden! :) May your journey be excellent!


Koets |


Found you guys on spotify. Love the music so much. Last week I ordered a t-shirt from your last album, just came in and sit great. I hope you guys come to Amsterdam soon. Must see this live!!! :)



Centerfinger |

Can't get enough, I need more. I haven't listened to anything else in 2 months now. Fans please upload more live shows as I think it going to be a while before they get stateside.

Link up with Kadavar and jump on the next orange goblin tour.


Marcela |

Come to Croatia, pleasee! :)))))


Ulf |

I was was looking to find my new favourite band, following the early Motorpsycho back in the mid 90ies...and found you, at last.



Andrea&Christoph |

Der Gig in Geel war sehr, sehr cool! Bei euch war definitiv viel mehr Leben und Spaß in der Musik als beim Headliner.
Nächstes Jahr macht ihr einfach das Finale!!!!