Kristof Soubry |

Hoping for a quick recovery!!
Big fan of your music, wanted to buy a shirt and a patch, but 18 euros shipping to Belgium? Wtf...


Dave Howes |

Hello :~)
I was given your album Soma for Christmas and it's hardly been out of the player ever since. Amazing and truly original. I don't expect you'll ever make it to the wilds of Norfolk, England, but if you do I'll be right at the front! (Hint - Norwich is a very musical city.... ;~) )
I'm sorry to hear about your health problems, we're going through something similar here with my partner Diana, so I know how you feel, (yes, bands are family....). Keep strong and supportive and I'm sure the karma will work in the right direction......


Simon D. |

Guten Abend,

Really sorry about your cancellation about the SOL Sonic Ride Tour ; was waiting and hoping so much to see MSK on stage again. :'(

Wish you all the best to everyone of you!

Large Up to the whole MSK Camp.

Simon D.


David Clarke |

I just discovered your music today. I'm in love! I'm sharing it with my friends here on the Central Coast of California. Thank you for creating this magic,


Greg |

My wife and I discovered your music and simply fell in love with it. We were so moved, that we planned a trip to southern france to see you in Toulouse. We do hope that all members are doing well, especially with the recent medical emergency. We look forward to the experience and maybe you'll be able to make it to the US for a tour soon.


Miriam |

Hello there,
Loving your music here in the US all the way from California. ???? I am happy to have discovered your music, I would love to see you guys live in concert. I have been dreaming for a tour to the US, but for now I am saving to see you guys over in Europe. I can listen to this for hours. Each instrument is in sync, much love to you all guitar, bass, drums, keyboard/synth ????


Thomas |

Ich wünsche dir schnelle Gesundheit und das du bald wieder auf der Bühne musizieren kannst. Werde euch beim Kultrock in Balve vermissen. Euer letztes Konzert dort bleibt unvergessen, da habe ich euch zum ersten mal gesehen.Die Höhle steht ja noch länger.....bis bald und alles Gute.


Bernhard |

Die besten Genesungswünsche aus Mainz! Werde schnell und ganz wieder gesund!

Eure Musik ist so inspirierend und kraftvoll! Ich bin jeden Tag mit einem eurer Alben aufm Ohr unterwegs, arbeiten, meditieren, genießen...


MC |

Grüsse aus Hamburg - und gute Genesung!
Ihr seid eine geniale Band. >Rock on :O)


Sari |

Why can´t I order your mechandise to Finland?