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guests -


Miriam |

Hello there,
Loving your music here in the US all the way from California. ???? I am happy to have discovered your music, I would love to see you guys live in concert. I have been dreaming for a tour to the US, but for now I am saving to see you guys over in Europe. I can listen to this for hours. Each instrument is in sync, much love to you all guitar, bass, drums, keyboard/synth ????


Thomas |

Ich wünsche dir schnelle Gesundheit und das du bald wieder auf der Bühne musizieren kannst. Werde euch beim Kultrock in Balve vermissen. Euer letztes Konzert dort bleibt unvergessen, da habe ich euch zum ersten mal gesehen.Die Höhle steht ja noch länger.....bis bald und alles Gute.


Bernhard |

Die besten Genesungswünsche aus Mainz! Werde schnell und ganz wieder gesund!

Eure Musik ist so inspirierend und kraftvoll! Ich bin jeden Tag mit einem eurer Alben aufm Ohr unterwegs, arbeiten, meditieren, genießen...


MC |

Grüsse aus Hamburg - und gute Genesung!
Ihr seid eine geniale Band. >Rock on :O)


Sari |

Why can´t I order your mechandise to Finland?


Mary |

We are waiting for you (mit Liebe aus Russland) ♥♥♥


Maddin |

7 EUR Versandkosten für ein T-Shirt innerhalb DE.. Wo bleibt denn da das Karma?



Reply by msk

Hey Maddin,
vielen lieben Dank für deinen Hinweis.  Da war tatsächlich was an den Shopeinstellungen verstellt, so dass die Sachen gewichtsmäßig nicht mehr richtig zugeordnet wurden.  Ist inzwischen korrigiert.

Robert Bojarski |

Guys, thank you !!! You have seen my message from last year.
After 8 years you are going to play in Poland.:) I feel that my message changed reality :):):)
I have already both a ticket. This will be the best performance this year. Thank you again. I can not wait. See ya in Cracow.


Calvin |

Hello from the USA, in Boston MA!

I have just recently discovered your music and have been completely overwhelmed by it. Your rhythms are incredible and it is so easy to just drift away when listening to your music.

I am in awe of your talent and have been busy telling all my friends who listen to similar music about you - here's hoping you can make it out to the USA on tour sometime, or else we're just going to have to make the pilgrimage to Germany to see you!

Namaste, and thank you!



Alexey from Moscow |

Hello, dear group "My Sleeping Karma"! I'm your big fan of Russia! I want to thank you for your music, I'm happy to hear you! I would really like to hear you in Moscow and no matter when. It's my dream to hear you live! Your music is a gift from God and I would like to hear this gift live. You have given me comfort in life. Waiting for your new album!
Regards, Alexey.
(Translated with Google translator)