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guests -


Corentin |

Hey guys,

just found your music on youtube. I just love it, very inspiring. While I'm listening to it and getting some intel on you guys, I can't stop thinking "that's the spirit...".

Did the Dalai Lama come into your studio to record that sample ? Can he fly ? Is it more levitation or bird fly ?

Thanks for all, keep it up !


Christian Louboutin Replica |

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Scott WIlson |

I can say enough about your music. Every chance I get I make sure to turn people on to it. It has helped me through good and bad times. Looking forward to the day I can see you live. Soma is just an incredible piece of Art!! Come to Boston soon.


Steve Bergsma |

I saw you guys at Into The Void - Leeuwarden.
Since that moment i've been in love with your music.
Thank you, for the great sound and the great vibe it gives.
The show was fantastic as well, it feels like i'm looking at brothers jamming on stage.
Keep up the good work and make sure you visit the Netherlands again soon!


Daniel Maghelly |

Hi guys.

Yesterday i was listening to some Sun Kil Moon compilation on youtube.
Then, at certain moment, the album soma started playing. Thank You for the experience. It would be interesting if you guys put on some of the phylosophical orientations at your website as well.

I would love to have the experience of watching you live. I am from Brazil.


Alex Robert Nichols |

Please come to Prague!!


remy |

thanxs you guys for the great karma show in paris!!
keep your goods vibes and don't stop to share it
hope to see you again in paris


Chrisha |

Schöner Flug durch das Vortex! DANKE EUCH!





Michael Nirdosh |

war gerade in eurem Shop undstelle fest, IMMER NOCH KEINE AUFKLEBER :-(
Jungs, was ist los? ;-)
Viele liebe Grüße