Dear friends,
hopefully you are all safe and in good health in those weird times.
We would like to give you a small update about our current band situation.
The past 13 months have surely been the most challenging times for us as friends and as a band since we started our journey together 15 years ago.
Shortly after last year´s show at the Hellfest, our drummer was confronted with a serious cancer issue which needed immediate treatment.
Such shocking news is definetely a complete life-changing situation and you all can surely imagine what he and his beloved ones have been going through since that day.
Today we want to say:
THANKY YOU all so much for your kind words, wishes and compassion.
We were overwhelmed by the huge amount of lovely comments, messages, mails and letters we have received.
This means a lot to us!
Thank you for your understanding in terms of cancelled tours and shows as well as for your massive support.
Last week we started again meeting, jaming and rehearsing.
If things are keeping on going well, we will go on with the songwriting and recording for our next studio album.
The current pandemic situation is now the next big thing on the plate for all of us.
Hopefully we can all meet again soon at concerts, festivals and events . We are really looking forward playing live again as soon as the overall and our private situation will allow.
Once again, thank you for all the positive vibes, energies, your thoughts and prayers.
All of it really touched our hearts and gave us hope and strength during these hard days.
There´s a bright light !
With Love,
The Karma Guys