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guests -


Xochipilli |


joker1961 |

just found you dudes on this crazies planet we call " Mother Earth " your inner vibes sends me to the outer limits of my childlike minds eyes see only colourful soundscopce of cosmic enlightenment many thanks...


Micha |

Super Gig gestern in Geel!!!!

Viele Grüße aus Köln


albert |

thank you for Moksha album

a great album !

starting to listening your music five years ago with TRI, I have discovered the others with the same pleasure, and this last one is fantastic

so thank you also for all your music !


Katja |

Habe eure Musik letztens zufällig bei Youtube entdeckt. Ich habe mir ein paar Sachen angehört und mir dann gleich alle Alben bestellt. Ihr seid so cool!


peter viertel |

Peter Viertel
(Freie Presse Chemnitz, Stadtstreicher, Empire Magazin)
Stadtbadstraße 35
09380 Thalheim
0160 302 4571


would you send me please the album:

My Sleeping Karma - Moksa Digi

for reviews?

Thank You Very Much

Peter Viertel


Subir |

Greetings from Maryland, USA! I love psychedelic rock and you guys are awesome. What influenced you into the Hinduism aspects of your music and artwork?

Would love to hear your reply...thanks!


kuarc |

Moksha is awesome! Thank you My Sleeping Karma!


Bhairava |

Ich komme nicht umhin mich bei euch für das Konzert in Aschaffenburg zu bedanken. Das war schlichtweg der Wahnsinn. Was für eine Energie, was für eine Versenkung! Freue mich schon sehr aufs Voidfest!


Phillip Miner |

Hey, if anyone reading this comment is interested, I posted a review of My Sleeping Karma's Moksha over on my spirituality blog, Light Club: Hope you enjoy it! :)